December 2007

27 December, 2007

Cheaters at Wi-Fi!

Okay each time I race at Wi-fi I did World wide and regionls after a few races they were going sooo fast! They were also of course! Like this! /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Really strange can anyone explain that! …

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Monkey patching in Python

Last night during a fit of debugging, I decided that I wanted to see a list of each single method call that occurred on a given object.

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26 December, 2007

Hack: Hidden Preferences for iPhone

Categories: iPhone Hacks , iPhone Hacks Erica Sadun, iPhone hacker extraordinaire , has lovingly crafted a replacement preference file for the iPhone which will enable a slew of extra options.

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4 December, 2007

Hot ‘Hack’ a noodles

BANGALORE, INDIA: We can't see them. But they are always around or rather inside, the machines or the dear old Internet that we are happily working or playing on.

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